It’s A Mind Set

The FL Livin brand was created in 2017 that started as only a dream, 5 years prior. Today that dream has become reality for the born and raised Florida man who saw a vision for today’s company over 6 years ago. With a passion for all that embodies the Florida lifestyle, he embarked on a journey to remind people that your life is only as good as your mindset.

Though FL Livin is local brand we embrace and welcome people from all over the world who enjoying being a part of the FL Livin lifestyle. Whether you are from the snowy mountains of Colorado, thinking about warmer weather, sunnier days and nice white sand between your toes or at your Monday-Friday, 9-5 job imaging sitting on your back porch with a cold drink as the sun sets; you are FL Livin.

Through our apparel and accessories, we strive to bring your mindset away from your daily stress and struggles to a place of fresh air, calm waters, fun adventures and relaxation.

“From all bodies of water, to all pieces of land, FL Livin is a mindset that we are dedicated to bring to everyone around the world!”

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